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Sonic Spotlight Productions is a registered and insured LLC, and is happy to offer “wall-to-wall” promotions services for your event, show, party, festival, benefit, or exhibition. For events hosted at venues with an occupancy of at least 250, these services include:

- poster & ad graphic design
- payment processing (presale and onsite)
- regular or contactless ticket sales
- advertising (Facebook facebook and Instagram)

For promotion services, there is nothing required upfront, and NO PHYSICAL TICKETS ARE SOLD. We have a couple of digital solutions in place that are easy for customers to use, and the only sales effort required from the performer or organizer is to share the promotions of your event. The standard ticket price for any event is $10, and payment for services is collected from a portion of the ticket sales.

For each ticket sold, the venue will receive $1. This is a very different structure than paying a guaranteed amount to entertainers, performers, or exhibitors and hoping bar and food sales cover that expense - but one we believe is both practical and fair, and intended to help support venue workers/ servers (who may not see much table turnover during an event).

For the group/ band/ musician/ performer/ organizer, $5 will be paid for each ticket sold. However - should the event sell out (based on the total occupancy of the venue), groups/ bands/ musicians/ performers/ organizers will be paid $6 for each ticket sold. This payment structure provides incentive to the venue, the group it’s hosting AND Sonic Spotlight Productions to promote your event to “sold out” status.

After your group has worked with Sonic Spotlight Productions on 3 “sold out” events (based on the venues with an occupancy of 100 or more) - or if your event is very large - increased ticket prices and/ or reduced rates can be negotiated. Please don’t hesitate to ask.