First - do you need help recruiting for your school band or choir? Please let us know if BREAK THE CHAIN - our group of local guitarists/ vocalists/ horn players/ singers - can help. If you’re hearing “its too expensive for something you’re only going to play for X-number of years,” BREAK THE CHAIN can help break that argument.

Secondly - and sadly - school music programs - even successful ones - can find themselves against the ropes. Even worse - the parents who are able to best advocate for those programs are often faced with fears that - as parents - an expression of their support or their concerns may also come with retaliation against their children.

While it would be illegal (and a likely violation of civil liberties) for a school board or booster group officer to actually retaliate against a supporter without being able to substantiate a valid, legitimate reason for their actions, unfortunately the fear is real because in too many cases, things get personal and the act occurs.

If you’re in Crawford County (OH), we’re happy to help in any way we can, be it through letter-writing, or attending and speaking at meetings. Through our connections with several respected area musicians and an active, connected customer base, we believe we can help establish a strong case against any threats to your school music program.